COVID-19 report 14 January

The week has been dominated by exam week at the University and the rapid spread of COVID-19.

The rapid and virulent spread of COVID-19 is reflected in the University’s self-reporting system.

“By 15:00 yesterday the University had received 107 self-reports, 60 of them from students and 47 from employees. In previous waves of the infection, the highest number of confirmed cases at the University never rose above 60,” says Fredrik Blomkvist, Chief Security Officer at Uppsala University.

This means that at the end of the week, the University will register a clear doubling of the number of infected students and staff.

Although the disease fortunately no longer seems to lead to serious personal health consequences in the great majority of cases, COVID-19 is having a severe impact on the ability to staff workplaces at present, since many people are either infected or are quarantining at home.

“The University reminds everyone to continue to stay at home if you have any symptoms and get tested.”

Challenges in ongoing exam period

Uppsala University is now coming to the end of its exam period for the autumn semester’s programmes and courses and the arrangements for the exams have generated a lot of attention and questions. The University continues to follow the recommendations of the Swedish government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden, which state that higher education is an area of high priority.

“Assessments are an important part of education for showing that students have attained the learning outcomes of the course and in most cases classic exams in exam rooms are by far the best way of doing this.”

Adjustments have been made to support exam activities and help students at exam venues to keep their distance and the University’s security personnel have been providing added support at the Fyrishov exam rooms since lunchtime on Tuesday. Another measure adopted during the week was to let all students into the exam rooms to take up their designated places and to check ID at the students’ benches.

“This is usually done before the students enter the room, but the measures taken have helped to reduce congestion problems at the exam venues at Bergsbrunnagatan and Fyrishov. We hope that exams held today, on Saturday and finally on Sunday will proceed without any major frictions.”

Report infection

Anonymous self-reporting system for students and members of staff with confirmed COVID-19.