Centre for Gender Research

Information for students in Gender studies, fall 2021

At The Centre for Gender Research we use the educational platform Studium for all courses in Gender Studies.

Corona adaptions

Following University and National recommendations we are preparing for campus teaching for the fall and therefore, we advise international students to apply for residence permits and take other steps so that they have every chance of being in Sweden for the start of the semester. We also recognise that this is a difficult and uncertain time and therefore are planning for digital teaching options for courses offered by the Centre for Gender Research during the first period of the term (August-October). “Gender Theory” and “Gender, Science and Nature” will be taught via Zoom, while the Methods course will be taught on campus with the option of participating via Zoom. “Intersectionality and Power”, which starts in November, will be taught on campus, with no option of participating digitally.


International students: All questions about migration to Sweden, visa or residence permit - please see Master´s studies at UU or contact the Uppsala University master coordinators: masterprograms@uu.se

Admitted students: All admitted students need to activate their student accounts before registering.

If you are admitted and has activated a student account you can log in to Studium to see relevant course information.

If you are admitted and want to participate in the course when fall semester starts, you need to register during the registration period.

Admitted with conditions: If you are admitted with conditions, you cannot register in Ladok. Instead you need to show your eligibility, before we can help you with the registration. Please contact the course administrator AnnaKarin Kriström (not earlier than the beginning of August): annakarin.kristrom@uu.se

Late admission: If you sent in a late application and have been admitted, you can either register online (if the registrations window is open), or contact the course administrator AnnaKarin Kriström.

Reserves, on waiting list: Reserves will be offered spare places, from approximately 1 week before course start, via the e-mail address used in the application. Remember to check your spam folder.

Cancellation: If you do not want to take the course you have been admitted to, please contact the course administrtator.

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