FAQ – copy, print and scan

If you experience problems when you are scanning large documents this can be due to email systems not being designed to handle large attachments. In this case, try splitting your document in smaller parts, decreasing the resolution or switching from colour to black-and-white when scanning. The maximum size for attachments varies depending on the email system.

You can also scan to one of the cloud storage services that are supported to get around the size limit in email systems.

First you need to check your junk mail folder. In some cases your email client decides that those emails are junk mail. Also check that you don't have a rule set that throws away all emails with yourself as the sender, as you are the sender when you scan to email in eduPrint.

Chrome has its own printing dialogue that doesn't work properly with eduPrint. At the bottom of the Printing dialogue you will find a link that let you to use the printing dialogue of the computer instead. Click the link and you should get colour prints. You may have to scroll down to get to the link.

There are no settings to adjust when uploading files for printing. But you can change to double sided printing when you are at the printer to collect your print-out. See more information on what you can do at the printer.

Sometimes the last step in a credit card transfer fails. The result is that the money are reserved on your bank account without having reached your eduPrint account. The reservation will be released after a few days, but note that the exact time for this varies between different banks.

You can try again after a minute or so, or you can buy printing coupons at one of the receptions that sell them, and redeem the coupons in the eduPrint portal.

You can transfer money from your eduPrint account to another students eduPrint account in the eduPrint portal. Select "Transfers" in the left meny, fill in the amount and the student-ID for the recipient. If you want to you can add a comment, but this is not necessary. Then click "Transfer" and the money is transferred to the recipients eduPrint account.

The fastest and easiest way to get your money is talking to another student, and transfer the money to him or her as described above.

If this is not possible, send an email to IT Support and ask for a refund. They will send your request on to Ricoh that will refund you. The refund might take several weeks, and Ricoh might charge an administrative fee for this.

Please contact campus management through the campus reception or service centre. Due to technical limitations, you will need to reprint your documents from your computer if the printer runs out of paper.

More information and support

Read more about copying, printing and scanning.

If you have questions you can turn to the IT Support:
018-471 44 00