Welcome letter from Assistant Head of Department, educational matters

To all students at the Department of Informatics and Media.

Dear student at the Department of Informatics and Media!

On behalf of the entire department, I would like to welcome you to the academic year 2021/2022 at Uppsala University. As you probably know, Uppsala University is once again conducting campus-based teaching from August 30. This decision was made based upon the Swedish government’s removal of the recommendation for distance education, as well as upon continuous assessment of the contagion situation in society and within the university. The latest information about COVID-19 and current recommendations that affect your studies can be found on UU's website: https://www2.uu.se/en/students/recommendations-on-coronavirus.

However, there are small differences in how quickly the return to campus takes place in different parts of the university. Therefore, this letter is intended to clarify what applies at the Department of Informatics and Media (IM). IM is conducting campus-based teaching from the start of the autumn term on August 30, both in Uppsala and on Gotland. This means that all teaching and examination takes place on site. A general exception for lectures for 50 participants or more is in effect until November 3, as well as in certain cases where there are external teachers or similar.

As a student, you are encouraged to continue to follow current recommendations, which are continuously updated on UU's web pages. Some previous measures, such as plexiglass screens in receptions and restaurants, access to hand sanitizer, limited student access to office spaces, entry and exit instructions in large auditoriums, as well as posters and similar information, are used during the autumn. In the event of exposure to infection in any of our courses, the department will take the necessary measures to secure your study environment, which may, e.g., include a temporary transition to digital teaching.

The most important thing you can do to help secure your study environment is that you follow current recommendations:

  • maintain social distancing
  • if you experience symptoms, stay at home and get tested as soon as possible
  • anonymously report any COVID-19 infection / illness in accordance with the instructions on the web

The entire teaching staff looks forward to again meeting you students in a teaching setting. I wish you successful and rewarding studies at the Department of Informatics and Media!

With kind regards,
- -
Tomas Eklund
Assistant Head of Department, educational matters
Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University
Box 513, 751 20 UPPSALA, Sweden